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problem in 2002 Audi A2 SE!!!

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hey guys!
i am car illitrate that's why i need your help! I have a
2002 Audi A2 SE . It's been running just fine, but starting this
morning I've been having trouble getting the key to turn. It's not
that the car won't start, but that I can't get the key to turn into
the right position. This morning once I fiddled with it long enough,
it finally did start turning (3 different times), but when I just now
got in the car to go to lunch, I coudln't get it to turn at all, no
matter how hard I tried.

What could the problem be? Is this going to be something major, or as
simple as replacing one part, or what? I have a callous on my finger
from trying so hard to get the key to turn! Help!
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:right: Try lubricating the key with some silicon grease/oil.
Suspect tumblers in lock mechanism are not free to move.
Try another key. If same problem it is the lock!
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