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Bought an A4 2.0 FSI from an approved Audi dealer in Portsmouth. Registered in Feb'03 and came with a 3 year warranty. Had its first service in Sept'04 at an approved Audi dealer (Bexley) as per warranty conditions and any problems have been attended to by Audi approved technicians.

Approx. 12 weeks ago the steering locked while turning left, but switching off the ignition and restarting the car cleared the problem, so i put it down to a gremlin. However it happened again 4 weeks ago, when i then called out Audi who after examination at their dealers declared that an unapproved hyrdraulic fluid had been used, implied that i had done it and said that the warranty would not cover the repair cost which is over £2000 + VAT.

As i had done everything the warranty clauses stipulated, i am angry & frustrated at Audi's reply, as their warranty is not worth the paper its written on. I am still trying to fight their decision but it will involve time & money but the injustice that they can blame the customer when they do not want to pay out and get away with.

I was wondering whether anyone on this forum is aware of or experienced similar problems

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