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Power Hood Fault

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Hi All

Recently my husband purchased for me a much desired Audi 2.6 V6 Cabriolet which had everything working until recently the power hood has ceased working as it should. On folding the hood down all seems to be working OK until the hood storing lid unclips but does not lift to complete cycle, air seems to be blowing from the pump in the boot. As it is a hydraulic system, it seems strange, and as oil is at the ram which lifts the said panel it is a complete mystery as to why it just wont fold the hood away.

If anybody has a manual or any information that might be useful it would be so very much appreciated.

Thanks <_<
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Hi there,

I own a 2.6E V6 as well. I have also found this problem occuring. The storage lid looks as if it is stuck somewhere and will not lift open when opening or closing the roof. I have subsequnelty found out that it is due to the boot locking mechanism. Should the boot not be dead locked then the storage lid will not open or close. Perhpas you should look at this.

could either of you help in telling me how you top up the fluid for the power hood? i'm at a loss!!!! thanks
Hi :banana:

I had the same fault on my Audi 2.6 cab.
The Fault,The Plug had fallen off the centrel locking motor in the boot lid.
I hope this can be of some help if you or anyone else has this problem.
Also you fill the fluid level up thru a brass bolt in the top of the hyd motor

Regards Doc Foster
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