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Porsche Alloys

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Hey, im new here and just want to know if anyone knows if Porsche 993 alloys will fit on my A4 1.8 Avant. They are 8.5" at front and 10" at the rear. Thanks
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No they won't fit.
The PCD on Porsche 911 /993 is 5 x 130mm
whereas on the A4's it's 5 x 112mm


(PS - i know a bloke who fitted Replica Porsche Alloys with the 5 x 112mm fitment - this is what you've probably seen)
IMHO - it looks silly - buy a set of RS6 replicas - 18's - awesome.....
Audi Wheels for Audi Cars (again IMHO)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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