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Poor Performance From Audi

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Hello, I am new to the fourms and just had a few questions for some of the fellow members here...

I have a 98 audi a4 1.8t with EIP ecu Tuning, Hyperboost DV, FUll bilstein Suspension with eibach pro lowering springs. Brembo rotors in such.

Recently I decided to race a friend in his 98 Neon R/T with just a cold air intake, And he will just smoke me once we get outta 2nd gear...Im was jsut wondering if this is just my audi thats slow...or if it was just how the cars were. I mean I love my car, It'll rock anyone around here in the twisties and its just more stylish. But I wanted to know if this was a common thing or if there was something involving my car causeing its sluggishness.
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our cars suck at strait lines
take them on a track wit turns and see the power of quattro
and our cars are way heavier then the neons thats why he took u
remember that that focus is way lighter than your audi so in the first gears it will pick up faster...don't be afraid to redline ur audi but make sure u don't choke it...make the gear shifting be smooth or otherwise don't race....he should get away from you at first but he shouldnt' get too far if ur shifting is proper.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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