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Below are the instructions and tools reqd.for the polishing purpose,Me has taken this from the internet.
Tools Required:
10 mm wrench or rachet with 10 mm socket
Small blocks of wood (flat)
Rubber gloves
Small container for holding water
Small sanding pad (flexable type)
Sand paper 1000, 1500, 2000 (a few sheets of each)
Aircraft stripper (one can is more then enough)
Scraper (metal type)
Metal polish for aluminum (your choice)

Amount of time needed: Lot of time (25-30 hours worth for a start)
(Something nice to have while doing this project would be a spare valve cover to use because of the time involved on it)

1- Start by removing valve cover from engine.

2- Spray a good coat of stripper and let set 15 min.

3- Spray stripper off with water, then scrape any loose material left, reapply stripper if needed and repeat till all the paint is removed. (Use good safety habits and follow the instructions given on the can).

4- Wipe dry or let air dry.

5- Start wet sanding valve cover with 1000 G w/wood block. Wash off frequently to remove the silt from sanding. Use the rubber gloves otherwise your fingers will pick up the aluminum particles, not good, hope you used them too when using the stripper. (This is just the start!).

6- Continued till it feels pretty even, then change to 1500 G paper and continue with wet sanding as before, it should be pretty smooth by now. (You can do it, keep it up!).

7- Change to the 2000 G paper and finish with final wet sanding w/block, should be pretty shiny after this part is done. (It looking good, keep going!).

8- Now comes the fun part, are your fingers ready, they better be. Apply the polish and rub and buff out, continue till your satisfied with the finish. Do final washing off and dry. (By now your fingers will feel like they're going to fall off, but wait your almost done!!!).

9- Put the valve cover back on the engine, stand back and admire the fruits of your labor.

10- Done

Originally posted by Jace@Jul 31 2004, 04:53 AM
Can anyone give me some instructions for polishing the valve cover,
and was interested if anyone here has done anything like this, please
help me! i know this isn't 'exterior', but this seems like
it could be applied to lots of things on the car.If anyone knows?
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