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Originally posted by anito@Aug 4 2004, 03:53 AM

i was wondering if anyone has suggestions to solving a problem with my
TT. i tried to start it wenesday after not driving it for five days.
it didn't start, the battery was completely dead. i jumped started
it, but strangely the tach., speedometer, fuel & temp. gauges, trip
computer, clock do not work. the parking brake light stays on
constantly when disengaged and the oil sensor doesn't work since i am
getting a oil level warning and the oil level is fine. i live in
miami and someone suggested that not driving it for five days in
addition to temperatures always around 32-35 everyday may have
contributed to the battery losing its charge. i am taking it to the
dealer, but wanted to know if anyone has heard of this problem, and
how did you fix it??
Can't swear this is the cause, but over here in the UK, there have been problems with the dash pods failing. Often when the car is coming up to the end of its warranty period (3yrs over here). A lot of owners here have had that problem. Hope it helps.
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