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hi, im planning to buy a 92 2.8e Q very soon, i had one before and was very satisfied whit that one, since i cant find one that has the options and every thing i want i was planning to do a project whit this car, is there any good sites where i can find s4 headlight's and tailplate?

link to the car,

1992 Audi 100 2,8 quattro

plan was to get s4 light's all around
new foglights
leather interior and leather door panel's
try to find the rims i had on the old one tsw catalina 225/40R18
the car has now white textile interior, whit white floor carpet, this this will look god whit black seats and dash/panels?

and what is the name of the steering wheel on the last picture? cant find it anywhere.

and is it hard do retrofit electrical windows to the back doors?

regards olav

pictures of my old beauty :D

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