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Petition: Audi, please update MMI/AMI to allow iPhone Multitasked Audio

The Apple iPhone now allows multitasked audio, but the Audi MMI/AMI system will only allow the playback of the locally stored iPod music through the car system.

Please sign the petition at the link below to bring attention to Audi that the owners of Audi vehicles and iPhones are requesting an update the the MMI/AMI so that the system will allow other applications (i.e. Pandora,, SiriusXM) to push audio thru the car system.

Currently, if you try to play audio from an app that is not the iPod on the phone -- the app audio will play for a few seconds and then the iPod audio will supersede the app audio.

Apple has informed me that the code change to allow this functionality is dependent on Audi to make. The iPod audio should stay paused when another app is pushing Audio thru the phone. If a user wants to resume iPod audio, all they will have to do is select a song on the MMI screen for the iPod to take audio control again.

Let's all band together to let Audi know we want this change. I have a ticket already opened at Audi of America.

John Fischetti.

Audi, please update MMI/AMI software to allow multitasked audio from Apple iPhone
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