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Performance Upgrades To 1.8t A4?

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I'm looking to buy an '03-'05 A4 quattro with a 1.8T engine. The 1.8T version seems a bit underpowered. I'm looking for feedback about ways to get a little more acceleration without having to move up to the 3.0. A sales rep suggested the Neuspeed ECU chip, and said it wouldn't void the warranty. Others tell me that it WILL void the warranty. Anybody have any experience with ECU chips, Neuspeed or otherwise? What about putting an intercooler on the turbo?
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Go for - i've done my current car (2.5 V6 TDi) & my old car B5 A4 1.8 t - power went from 150bhp to 192bhp.
Upsolute are big in the USA - check their forums..

Yes all chips will void the Audi warranty - but lets face it - AUDI CAN'T TELL! !!
The only way is when the mechanic takes its for a test drive & guns it !!
If he comes back smiling - he's discovered it's been chipped.

Worst case scenario - if you ECU knackers up (highly unlikely) - Audi send the unit back to Bosch as A SEALED UNIT. Bosch probably wouldn't even know either as the black chips (stock / new) all look the same...

You don't need to go over the top with tuning if you dont want to - If your car is under warranty - visibile things (obviously) will void the warranty too (dump valves / air filters etc) - believe me the chip on it's own is enough
(for a wee while until you crave more power !!!)

Hope this has been of use to you
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