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Go for - i've done my current car (2.5 V6 TDi) & my old car B5 A4 1.8 t - power went from 150bhp to 192bhp.
Upsolute are big in the USA - check their forums..

Yes all chips will void the Audi warranty - but lets face it - AUDI CAN'T TELL! !!
The only way is when the mechanic takes its for a test drive & guns it !!
If he comes back smiling - he's discovered it's been chipped.

Worst case scenario - if you ECU knackers up (highly unlikely) - Audi send the unit back to Bosch as A SEALED UNIT. Bosch probably wouldn't even know either as the black chips (stock / new) all look the same...

You don't need to go over the top with tuning if you dont want to - If your car is under warranty - visibile things (obviously) will void the warranty too (dump valves / air filters etc) - believe me the chip on it's own is enough
(for a wee while until you crave more power !!!)

Hope this has been of use to you
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