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Performance Upgrades To 1.8t A4?

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I'm looking to buy an '03-'05 A4 quattro with a 1.8T engine. The 1.8T version seems a bit underpowered. I'm looking for feedback about ways to get a little more acceleration without having to move up to the 3.0. A sales rep suggested the Neuspeed ECU chip, and said it wouldn't void the warranty. Others tell me that it WILL void the warranty. Anybody have any experience with ECU chips, Neuspeed or otherwise? What about putting an intercooler on the turbo?
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Originally posted by bhb399mm@Dec 11 2004, 08:06 PM
look here and here. we've been talking about warranty issues for a few weeks ...
you already have an intercooler... you could upgrade it tho
Hi there,

Try the MTM for the chip up which gives you ard 310NM and 190bhp! My fren did that and on the freeway, U can accelerate from 120Km/h to 200Km/P with no sweat! This is stage 1 upgrade btw.

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