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well for 1 week ago i bought Passat GT g60 STV syncro 91 mod.
the car has only had 3 owners and they all has been taking good care of the car.
No rust and the car is in perfectly shape!
only one thing the G-lader has newly been changed a few parts, thats normaly after a while.
The previous owners has only been driving caustion.

The problem i got? is that the G-lader is random, like sometimes it works probarly all the time
on all shifts but other times it "want to work, but just holding back and doesnt kick in"..
is that because its newly been changing parts? so i need to drive it so, so long till it work
probarly, you understand what i mean, if not ask me, im from norway so.

PS. the new owner like to test the car, race etc. have fun :)

well thanks
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