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Hello guys!

New to the forum and picked up a second hand Passat wagon 103TDI a couple of months ago (2007). I have had no issues with it unitl I sent it away to get the shopping trolley dents fixed on the car so the painters ( a small panelbeater in Melbourne) did the repair and whilst doing so ended up breaking the door lock carrier so had to wait even longer. After receiving the car and having had it for a few days I turned the lights on the other day and the wipers came on at max speed! being completely puzzled and thinking I had hit the stalk (I hadnt..) I pulled over and switched the ignition off. Wipers still going! Took the key out of the ignition. Wipers still going! now off comes the fusebox cover and removed the fuse.... wipers stop of course. Replace the fuse (its not blown And I have substituted it in case anyway) and the wipers will not come on. The secondary issue I have is that auto headlights come on now even in bright daylight. So off I go to a mate who's well versed with VAG-COM and reset everything to receive three faults
1. No signal / no communication - data bus
2. No signal / no communication - rail / light sensor
3. No signal / no communication - drivers side wiper motor

all share the same fault code, same fault request and the same fault priority.

What gives? Do you guys think that the panel beaters have not plugged something back in properly and its dropped out? Comfort control module? In which case where is it exactly on the 3C? Oh BTW, i bought a new rain / light sensor but no, its not the fault....

I would be so grateful for any answers cause its driving me nutty not having any wipers in all this rain......

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