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Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to get some helpful information on how to correctly identify spare parts. For some time Ive been dreaming about owning a latish model Audi but its always been out of my reach due to the high cost of these cars. However I've recently bought one from an Insurance Company, as it had been stolen and recovered. It has some frontal damage which needs a new bumper, bonnet and headlights.

If I go directly to Audi here it's going to cost me my left arm, so I've started looking on eBay for different parts but Im a little confused as how to identify which ones are needed.

I see in these forums that it has been broken down to 3 distinct groups (C4/C5/C6) does this meant that I can buy any parts that advertise C5. I have also seen a lot of ads stating parts for a 4B which is what I believe is part of my chassis number.

I guess Im after any help possible in clarifying what parts Im able to get, Ive actually tried ringing Audi directly but they are really unhelpful I guess because Im not buying it through them.

Ive included my Chassis number for reference.


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