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i got an audi 80 1987 automatic.. :57:
i know what parts i want.. but don't have the part nos on any of the parts. having a problem procuring parts for my old babe. help.. how do i know the part no from the part description. all replies welcome..
here is a list of all parts which i want.

1.Lower arms
2.Balance rod links with bushes
3.Steering rack assy.
4.Brake calipers
5.Brake disc rotors.
6.Front brake flexible pipes
7.Rear wheel cylinders.
8.Rear brake liners.
9.Brake booster with master cylinder assy.
10.Rear dampers.
11.Rear brake metal pipes, which fit onto the wheel cylinders.
12.Front drive axles.
13.Brake pads.
14.Engine mounts.
15.Power steering high-pressure pipe.
16.Front strut assy with mount.

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