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I was hoping that the community could help me with a small little issue i am having with my 2.7T

Today I get this CRAZY ABS and Brake light flashing at me. I come home and have my friend bring his diagnostic reader and i get a P1606 error code. (18014 P1606 Rough Road Spec. Engine Torque ABS-SG - Electrical Malfunction A )
Let me give some background.
I took the car to the dealer a couple weeks ago and they said my brakes and rotors need to be changed soon.

ALSO I put 18" wheels on the car about a week ago.
AND i've been noticing some vibrations while driving. previously it was due to a bent rim (hence the upgrade) and most noticable while stopping.
now i get vibrations not while i'm braking but while i'm actually driving.
and the vibrations are intermitten. it will happen for like 5 minutes and then smooth out for another unspecified time frame.

I called my AUDI guy and the first question out of his mouth was "do you have different size tires"

i'm kind of in a pinch eh?
I checked the brake fluid
and i checked fuse 7

i'm going to take it to the wheel place tomorrow and have him do a once over to make sure that the rims aren't rubbing or anything like that.


ME - I could do without another VW/AUDI headache that is going to cost me $100000000000

any suggestions?
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