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? On Dvd & Blue Tooth For A 2004 A8

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I just traded in my 2000 A6 and purchased a 2004 A8 yesterday. Like the car but really would love to integrate Bluetooth like the new 2005's are coming with so that everything works in conjunction.
Does anyone know how to do that?

Also I have the button for the CD/TV in the center consule but since it is in the states you are not supposed to have the TV up front. Would like to change that as well but have no luck today talking with anyone locally about knowing how to swith it to the stock European way to work. If anyone could help out on this as well I would appreciate it.

Thanks everyone,
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i have A8L 2005 but there is no bluetuth and there is no TV but the good thing i'v navigation :57:


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I just picked up a 2004 A8 also and will be checking with the company that helped me with upgrading my 00' 750il to bluetooth and tv on nav. I don't know if you can legally add tv to the front nav in all states and yet "Parag" company Pres. is very knowledgeable. The company is tvonnav dot com; I also want to make my A8 voice activated if possible to access nav, tunes, ipod, etc.

Have fun.

I also have a 2004 A8L with onstar and audi V60 phone.
Motorola V60 Phone cannot be activated. (cingular service)
Have heard someone working on bluetooth link componet that snaps in the Audi phone cradle.
Talking to person in california!
Anyone heard of similiar upgrade?
Want to use MMI link.
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