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Hi guys, just bought my A3 1.8T yesterday. been mucking about with all the gadgets as u do and read through the manual. When pressing in the left dash board button next to the clock the display shows all of the pictures for the oil, engine coolant, washer fluid, brakes etc in RED on the middle section of the screen... I had another read of the manual to try and make some sense of this because from what i gathered this meant there is a problem with everything possible in the engine :-/ NOW when putting the keys in the ignition the computer does a self check and says OK with out displaying any faults in RED or YELLOW. Basically the question is, does pressing the left button on the dash next to the clock just run through all of the things to check them or do i have a lot of problems because i can't work out y they r all displayed when pressing the button but not wen putting the key in the ignition????

Thanks in advance, Dave
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