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I have an Audi 80 2.6 Avant (95/M) that has the oil pressure warning light appear when the engine is at 2000 rpm +. I've seen a few posts with this same issue reported and need to get this fixed to get the car through the MOT.

My issue is that I have been told various things from various sources - Changed the oil and filter - no success. I've had a diagnostics system plugged in but no faults found). Looked at finding out about prices for oil pressure senders (it seems that there are 3, ranging from £10 - £65) but am unsure of which one to replace and where to locate it/how to replace it!

I've spoken with Audi who ensure me that it's an oil pump problem and have quoted me a huge amount of money to repair and so I'm now unsure on what to do about it.

To add to this issue, my Audi had to be recovered yesterday due to a brake issue and somehow was subjected to a bumpy road where the sump got punctured! My concern is that it's done some/further damage to the oil pump.

I have ordered a new sump and gasket/new oil etc but now face the issue of perhaps replacing the oil pump or the sensor - can anyone advise me on the sensor change and does anyone out there know where I can get an oil pump from that isn't going to cost me £250?

Any advice would be appreciated.
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