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Hello all. I am new to this forum, since I recently got rid of my Q45 and purchased a 1997 A8 quatro 4.2. I fell in love with the look of the car, but when I test drove one, I knew it was the car for me.

Recently I started have a noise problem coming from the engine compartment, which sounded like a noisy idler pulley or failing bearing in a pump or alternator. the noise would occur only in the morning when the car was cold, but when the car warmed up, the noise would disappear. The noise became increasingly louder and louder, so I decided to take it to a local ASE certified Audi/BMW/Benz shop.

since there is 100K on the car, the first thing they recommended was to have the timing belt replaced. the shop said they would see what else needed to be replaced while they were in there doing the timing belt.
Well after a long list of parts replacement and over $2000 in work, I start the car up the next morning and low and behold, the noise is still there! The guy tell me to bring the car back, but before I could even get back to the shop a few day later, the car is leaking oil and smoking like a chimeney!

When I get the car back to him, he tells me that, somehow the camshaft seals that were replaced during the timing belt job got blown out and needed to be replaced again. After getting the car back, a second time, it was still leaking oil! this time he informs me that one of the front covers of the engine had a small crack in it, and the crack was due to stress, but not from them taking the cover off and putting the cover back on! the cover had to be ordered from halfway across the country because none of the local dealers had it in stock. (What a nightmare).
and for all my troubles, the car is still making that damn noise! My suspicion is the power stearing pump bearing, only because in the morning when the noise is prevelent, the stearing is very easy (can turn the wheel with 1 finger), but as the car warms up and the noise begins to subside, the stearing becomes a bit more stiff. Not that the car loses power steering all together, just slightly stiffer.

sorry for the long winded post, can anyone shed some light on this situation.
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