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Oil Changes

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I'm new to this board and signed up today 5/26/05. Need to know what type of oil I should used in my A4 1.8 auto. Also I need to know how often I need to change my oil. I hear a dozen of different opionions from other sources and don't know what to do. I'm guess I need to use synthetic oil although its incredibly expensive. If I did used synthetic oil can I change it after about 10k instead of 5k? Please help anyone!
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If you change the oil every 5k miles / 8k kilometers, how often do you change the oil filter. I have a new A4 1.8t with 500km on the clock. the first sevice is due at 15k kilometers, that sounds just too long to me and would prefer to do an oil change myself at half that time. don't really want to change the oil filter unless necessary. what do you think.
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