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offroad use

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Wondering peoples opinion about the allroad, off-road. Has anybody attempted off-road use with the allroad yet?
last wekend I did: in the lake-district. some months ago I was there with my (lifted) wrangler. I have to say I was throughly impressed! :D
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Yeah we have been using it on deep snow, it seems to cut thru snow drifts no problem, we have ahad a tone of snow up here in scotland, and its been great, out performed, the volvo xc90 :p
makes me want to go off roading now
off road experience

I have been off road a few times now in various trips up the Breacon Becons in Wales and through some pretty deep mud around Bristol and I can report that it handles itself pretty well. In fact on a trip to the Black mountains recently we had to help a Landrover Discovery II out which had got itself into trouble in a pretty wet snow and muddy patch, felt very smug that i had the benefit of torson diff locks rather than the disco's electronic traction control that simply could work out where to put the power as the surface was pretty shiny.:D

I went to the mountains with 30 cm of sweet white snow: no problem, in hard hills,too. I only fitted 4 M+S tyres and it was all fine. I desconnect the ESP system to have some fun :D
Great car! it was possible to run high speed on ice without drama!
However, after 8 km of drift, the brakes stars to smell bad odour...unfortunately it's not possible to desconnect the EDS system (self lock diff)! :(
I have used mine extensively through Mozambique and Northern Kwazulu Natal. These areas are thick sand, sand dunes and marshes. The car cruises through it all. My only complaint is the self levelling drops from level 4 far too early. If anyone has an idea on how to change this, the info would be greatly appreciated.

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The grass looking stuff at on the road is elephant dung. Its owner was on the flats a few kilometres away.
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very good offroad

Last year I went to shoot and the entrance was up a muddy hillside. The cars in front were a Range Rover, HiLux and another oriental 4x4 truck. All of them failed to reach the top of the hill and ended up just sliding to the side. The Allroad just went straight up with no drama and I got to gloat at the others who told me it was a softroader that wouldnt get anywhere in the mud. If you put on some agressive tyres and were not worried about body damage it would be unstoppable almost.
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