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I have had my A4 for quite while now, and i regret that i havent started this earlier, but better now than never. I want to put some money into my car, its a 02 A4 Front Track, and it has the sports package. First thing's first i want an OETTINGER body kit, however i'm not a good shopper, so i was hoping for some advice. Please refer me to some web-sites were i can do some research, and if you know of any places were they sell quality Oettinger Replica's, that would be even better.( Oettinger needs to drop their prices, just a tad bit).

Im also having a hard time finding clear front corners, so any help there would be appreciated as well.

After the kit, comes the engine, i intend to beef it up to 300 HP. I've already started picking the performance parts, and if anyone out there has sugestions, im all ears.
Give me about 5 months, and this baby will be good to go. I will post pictures with every upgrade, common everybody lets show those kids with HONDAS what an import tuner is suposed too look, and drive like.

Plsease Help.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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