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I recently stumbled across Bernardi Audi, where their original Audi parts were cheaper than the cost of aftermarket items in most cases. As I live in Australia, and because I often buy a lot of my parts online from the US, this is a good thing for me.

Their customer service was great as well, as they re-shipped and item at no cost (to me in Australia) when a wrong part had been packed originally.

Their site is worth a search at Audi Parts and Accessories - Bernardi Audi Parts and Accessories.

You'll need the original AUDI part number, and in my experience the site is limited to searching with the part number in the correct format (ie everything separated by hyphens such as ***-***-***-x), otherwise you won't get a hit.

If you live in the US, their shipping costs internally are pretty good. For those who live outside the US like me, from memory, I don't think they ship internationally, so you'd have to find a work around for that. My girlfriend and I use a US address for all our US purchases. We then combine everything into one shipment to Australia to keep costs down, It's not as quick as buying over the counter, but it works for us.


(I've edited this down from my original post as it probably read like an advert, and was way too yada, yada, yada long)
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