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Hey --

I have 4, original equiptment Allroad wheels for sale. They are the simple, 5 spoked wheels, not the dual spokes. I had the dual spokes on my Allroad, and didn't like the design -- as a pebble could throw them off balance! Therefore, I bought these wheels used - from a guy who had an '02 Allroad, with 8-10K on it, and WANTED the dual spokes... I ended up selling my Allroad before mounting them, and NEVER even took these wheels out of the boxes they were shipped to me in. They have been sitting stacked in my garage in their unopened boxes for over 3 years -- if you can believe. I have the pic the guy I bought them from sent me -- of the ONE scratched wheel while it was still mounted on his car -- it's purely cosmetic, and very light -- and the other three are perfect -- The wheels do not come with tires. Email me and I will send you the pics.

Make me a reasonable offer so I can clear some space in my garage!

* Lisa


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