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I have a 2016 Audi S5 with adaptive cruise

I've got the pro upgrade obdeleven

I want to do some tweaks to the Adaptive cruise

i've done the adding preset distance to MMI.

That shows up under channel 7 and tells you exactly what it is and lets you change it

the only other channels that seem to be available to change are 3-7

The only other one of these that says anything about what it is is channel 3 , just says 'heater on'
4-6 and 8 & 9 all just say value 1 ON

I'm looking for

Overtaking_right_prevention in order to deactivate

Overtaking Assistance in order to activate

Automatic_driveaway_after_short_stop in order to activate
Automatic_driveaway_by_pretrigger in order to activate

anyone know where I need to go to do these tweaks?
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