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Noise Problem

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Just bought myself a 2002 model A2 TDI in January, and I'm mostly pleased with the performance.

The exception is the general noise level, especially when reaching around 2.0 on the rev counter. At that time, there's a mid-low frequency noise. Almost sounds like I'm driving a V8, and most noticeable after speeding up and the letting go of the gas pedal. It seems to be a result of vibrations tuning out the sound from some partially loose component or something, but when I sent the car in for a check-up, they didn't find anything wrong with the vehicle.

The problem seems to be most apparent on colder days, and gets a little better after driving for a while. Naturally, the problem may lie somewhere else, but as I'm not especially well gifted in regard to cars and their components, I'm hoping to perhaps get some pointers from the audience :)

Appreciate any replies, thanks.

Einar Lende
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what engine do you have
hi mate ,ive got the same problem.sounds like i have a propeller on the front somtimes. garage said the same to me
Hi, and thanks for listening :)

It's the 1.4 Diesel.

Had a kinda similar problem with my previous Nissan car where one of the welded points on the chassis had broken, but that resulted in a much more high pitched sound when reaching a certain rev.

Naturally, would very much appreciate any feedback both in regards to a solution, but also similar experiences such as edbrandon to conclude if this is a general problem or not.

And, you are right, kinda sounds like a propeller when I think of it. Could is be a loose fan belt? But then again, strange that the workshop did not pick up on that.

Again thanks for any tips.

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I had a problem like that recently, Audi put some grease on the Drivers side bonnet fixing (where the bonnet locates near the window). There seemed to be a little bit of play, and with my TDI engine the vibration could be heard inside while accelerating near 2000 rpm.

Audi also did a few other things during the service and its possible that removing something else cured it, But its a cheap option to start with!

I had a problem like that recently, but i fixed it next day.
eggi you will be surprised but your problem may be the motor support who is not fixed, vibration came generally from....

Good luck my friend
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