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no power PROBLEM!!!!Advice needed urgently!!!!!!!!

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my doors petrol cap boot and hood have all stopped working?
i can open the door manually as too the boot and petrol cap but i can get my alarm to work or any of the buttons connected with the above to work inside?

my car ha had some dampness of late inside due to heavyrain. back parcel shelf where roof folds into has had a watter soaked it? think my hoods leking? can this have affected the electrics?

Please help advice needed urgently as cannot engage my alarm???
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I would say number 7 is your problem (Alarm Control unit) if water is building up in the roof section.

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it might sound stupid but have you checked the easy stuff? Fuses and Relays related to the cental locking system, if you need to know how to test a relay send me a PM its very simple
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