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Hi all, having a little problem with the A4 convertible I bought recently. The saga continues:
Car appparantly little used for the past few years, probably accounts for it's recent groanes.

1. Petrol gauge works when it wants.
2. Auto-box has started to give worries. When accelerating engin increases revs, but the power is not converted to the wheels, or it appear to slip and then transfer the power gradually.
3. A small inland lake is forming behind the drivers seat. I think the seal on the rear side window is not correctly fitted. The rubber retainers are missing and someone has tried to use a rubber adhesive.

Does any one know of a good garage for these cars in York, or Leeds. The car has only clocked up 60,000 since new, vintage 1994. So intend to spend some money and time getting A1.

Many Thanks in anticipation

PS. Where is the best place to pick up spare blanking plates for the switch gear. Mine has one missing.
:) :) :)
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