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Hello to all, how many times are we newbies on forums.....I remember my lose track of how many you've registered for don#t you think ???!!!

Anyway my name is Bob I come from North Yorkshire in sunny England :)

I am now the extremely proud owner of an Audi S3 (Silver 210bhp) with all the upgrades...

I bought it in December last year and 5 weeks later had it stolen.... :( but it was found the next day fortunately..

It was a hannoy theft...for those who don't know what that's when some thieving get breaks into your house and nicks your keys, then quite easily opens the car and vroooommmmm !!!!!

So I have it back now and have since fitted a tracker and got a burgular hopefully things will be OK from now on.

So hello to all fellow audi owners !!!!!!!!!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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