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Hello all,
Great forum (This is my first post).

I just bought a 2004 A4 1.9TDI Sport Avant. Car has done 25,000 miles.

I have two problems (which may be connected ??)

1) When car is cold (only when cold) it judders badly when pulling away in 1st gear. This problem goes away after the car warms up, usually after a couple of miles.

2) When car it ticking over in neutral (950prm) the whole car wobbles from time to time. The strengh and duration of this "wobble" are never consistent, though it seems to be worse when the engine has warmed up.

Also generally the car seems to run quite rough. My last car was a Golf GTI TDI 150, which was very smooth in comparisson to the Audi, so I'm sure there must be a problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I plan to take it to an Audi service centre, but would like to be pre-armed with some impartial advice!


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I have a very simular problem with my 2001 19 TDI 130 thats why i joined the forum. My car has been into three garages so far and still no joy, When i took it to Audi they told me it was the fuel injectors which would cost £2300 to replace.

I have since had the injectors checked independantly and they are fine however i have had 2 engine mounts replaced and this has elliminated the judder i had when pulling away in first gear.

The difference with my car is that when my car is cold there is no judder but when it reaches normal running temp and the vehicle is stationery the whole cabin vibrates.

If you find a sollution i would be obliged if you could let me know


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