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Well I just picked up a 2002 A6 3.0L fully loaded and I must say I'm impressed. It's the first Audi I owned and truly the car is a beast :)

Anyways had some questions that you guys might be able to answer.

-The car has 56K, I'm wondering what the next tune-up requirement is?
-Do we need to change tranny fluids or any other out-of-ordinary service?
-What kind of oil/filters do you guys use, does it have to be OEM or can I get some Mobil1 stuff?
-When do you recommend I change the timing belt, or which ever belt there might be?
-Is it hard to work on the car your self, for example changing brake pads, changing oils, sparks and other minor tune-up requirements.
-Since the car's warranty expired, I'm wondering is there a warranty I could buy, or should I not worry about it and hope everything goes well?
-And lastly, is there any chips or performance mods for the 3.0L engine? I know that turbos can be tweaked and chiped for better performance, but I'm not sure about 3.0L engines?
-Any other suggestion, thoughts, advice?

Thx guys !

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Welcome to the forum

If you post your questions again in the A6 section of the forum you should get some more help and response :)
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