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Hey guys, i have been reading around and have a few questions. Sorry to ask them again if they are already posted on here somewhere, but i figured i would at least give you all my situation.

background: not any experience w/ audi's (just a friend's 90, but we never had to work on it, even with 200+K miles, one of the reasons why i'm here), mainly with jeeps/trucks. i own a '97 ram 1500. I have much more experience and know all the in's and out's of those. anything foreign is pretty much new to me.

why im here: Sister is off to college and i get to go car shoping for her, yay (i like it when it's not my money i am spending). First things first, my family has not owned a car in probably 15 years (so i have little idea as to the advantages, disadvantages of anything), its always been a truck for my pops and van for mom and now my little sister needs a car. SOO, pretty much based on the luck my friend had with his car i figured audi would be an OK choice (IF ANYBODY HAS ANY TOTALLY OTHER IDEA ON A GOOD VEHICLE FOR HER, JUST LET ME KNOW). i just loved the fact that the doors shut tight, motor ran smooth, all interior pieces were much much much better than any american piece we have owned (but i will always be partial to them, lol). so onto an A4 with hopefully under 100K miles and i was thinking (based on what i have read) a 2.8 (no modding will be involved).

first off, i have been able to do everything that has come up on my truck that needed to be replaced and/or fixed (except for that darn tranny). I am not saying i am a mechanic, but i have always been around vehicles and have the shop to do everything. I never got the chance to work on my buddies 90 simply b/c nothing ever went bad (just some body work stuff). I dont want to have to spend an arm and a leg to bring this darn thing into a mechanic to do brakes, spark plugs, etc. is what i am saying. Are we gonna be able to handle a good chunk of the maintenance?

Onto purchasing, what is known to need replacing and what should i look for? You know, those little things these cars are probably known for. anything you guys have for input, being a newb and all, would be extremely helpful!!!

Also, we are from VT and katie (sis) is probably going south for school. I;m still thinking quattro but was hoping she could get away with good all seasons for the little amount of winter weather she may be exposed too, then when she comes home for good, after school, a new set of rims with snows would be the next investment. Would that be ok for the occasional winter driving? ( i know my friend had studded hakks with two wheel drive and got around fine at home).

HMMM sorry about the long winded post, but if anybody has any comments, id greatly appreciate it. just trying to pick everyone's brain :)


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Control arms are known to be the biggest issue on all the B5 A4's. Older cars suffer from the odd oil leak but again not a major problem Air lines running across the car tend to dry out and get brittle again an easy fix.

Cam belts should be changed every 60k miles although Audi say 80k but I would do them before.

The dash computer display loose pixels and get worse in hot weather and are not cheap to buy new.

What to get.

Well as stated if you’re not going to Mod then the 2.8 30v is the best option don’t by the 12v as it a little under powered for what it is and if you have the budget go Quattro it’s a major plus.

12v 174bhp
30v 195bhp
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