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Hi everyone - just signed up and just purchased my first VW - a 2005.5 A5 Jetta with the 2.5L.

After driving Japanese since '88, and *almost* going German each time, I took the plunge.

I went thinking I'd get the TDI for the fuel mileage - but the VW financing was much better on the non-TDI cars, and this "leftover" 2005.5 came in at just a few hundred dollars more than the 2006 VE.

Only had it for a week - so far, I'm impressed with the quality of the materials, fit and finish, and the features for this price range. I've read gripes on other forums about the 2.5 being rather underpowered for this class, but I find it more than adequate with the 5-speed.

The noise it makes upon cold start up is a bit unsettling - I got the "this is a normal sound" from the dealer before I started it for the first time and an explanation of some sort of accelerated heating process in the catylist to help with cold emissions. Sound accurate?

Best Regards,

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