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i have a couple of teeting problems with my Audi and am wondering whether it is worth holding on to......

1. The thermostat went and as a result the heater core died, a garage has bypassed this, however i now have no heating and i also have a hefty leak into the footwell - is the heater core worth replacing, i have been quoted $1500

2. When driving first thing in the morning, if i stop the car at some lights and try to take off, sometimes the gears (it is an auto) have slipped out, however they swiftly reengage - what should i do about this?

3.When cornering hard to the right, i hear a thunk thunk cound from the left wheel, would this be the bearing or should i check the CV boot?

Apart from this it is great, am shortly going to fit a hiclone device to increase available BHP by 20-30 as well as increase fuel economy.

Cheers in advance for your assistance


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