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Hello all. I own a 2.6E V6 Auto 1998 model. It is white in colour with a black canvas roof. It has covered 89000 Km's now. I am the second owner and have had it for a year. It has been a pleasure to won, however lately it has developed a most peculiar problem. It all started with a flashing brake warning light. I took it to my preferred supplier and he reported back that the hydraulic pump was leaking fluid. A few o-rings later and all was "fine". What is really strange is why Audi would opt to have 1 pump run the power steering as well as the brake system? Since then I got stranded twice with blown o-rings. It has been running now for about a month and all seems fine again. The only other issue I have is the gear changes from 3 to fourth under heavy acceleration can be very rough. I would really like to hear from other owners who have the same car about issues they might have had or just in general.

You can e-mail me directly if you wish at [email protected]
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