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I am new to this forum with a rather odd question, but i am really hoping to one of you may know the answer.

OK, so here goes....

I own a skoda estelle

It runs a longditundially mounted engine in the rear with a 'transaxle' and rear wheel drive, very much like a porche 911 and VW beetle.

The standard skoda gearbox is only really capable of dealing with 100 - 120 bhp before it self destructs (my particular car runs a beastly 1200 cc engine with 50 ish bhp!!).

I want to get at least 150 bhp into this little car and have it reliable. the last thing i want is to replacing gear boxes all the time.

Which brings me to the question of what running gear should i install.

I can't afford 911 bits, and i have never really been a fan of the bug, and so don't really want a bug box in the back.

I know that most of the audi models, specifically the 80 run a longditundially mounted engine, transaxle and fwd.

What i want to do is take a full fwd setup, spin it though 180 degrees to run it backwards in my skoda.

Now you say, 'ah ha' but you will be going backwards! Well this is where my question comes into it!

On some porche gear boxes, you can take the diff out of the box and re-install it to the other side of the pinion gear, thus making the output of the box (driveshafts) turn the oposite way.

Can this be done on an audi box??? Some of the porche boxes and audi boxes contain the same internals, as they were made by the same subcontractor (as i understand it). i.e. the 944 box is the same as a certain audi box!

The other option is that 944 boxes can be run upside down! can audi boxes be run upside down??

Hopefully the above makes sense.. any clues or ideas, or info??

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Lewis aka SkodaNUT
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