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Let me introduce my noob self.

Hi! my name is Claudia, Clau for short. I am originally from Europe (Netherlands) and immigrated to South Carolina last year February.
I'm a very proud mom of two amazing children, and a grandma (of two beautiful baby boys, born a month apart).

I have driven Audi and VW off and on since, approximately, 2007 and am absolutely in love with the Quattro Avant vehicles.

As a surprise my husband bought me a 2002 (I like the older models) A4 Quattro Avant V6 3.0l with all the bells and whistles, interior looks great, leather seats are in perfect shape, the usual wear on buttons, and a manual 6 speed transmission.

Unfortunately this vehicle was purchased, and spent it's first 16 years, in West Virginia (lots of rust on the under carriage). After which it was purchased by a lady in SC who drove it home from WV and ended up parking it in the driveway (due to a leak in the water pump) where it sat for the next two and a half years.

I am looking forward to completely restoring this vehicle to it's full glory, my husband however is of the opinion that we should drive this car till it dies...

So far we have put approximately 2.500 usd into this vehicle, besides the purchase price of 1.200 usd.
So now my main question: in your opinion, is it worth restoring the vehicle (engine has 154k miles on it), or is my husband right in his estimation.

Looking forward to the recommendations and lovely meeting you all.


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