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HI, i just bought a 2000 S4 and am looking at what most people will modify on their car after the stuff that's been done to mine. It's the six speed. It's chipped, lowered (scrapes on everything, drives me nuts), and has a better exhaust. I'm not sure what brand exhaust or chip. And i threw a K & N filter in as well. I've seen alot lately on this forum with upgrading to K04 turbos. Could someone tell me what brand to go with and roughly the cost (parts and labor). Also, what's the best brand of chip to go with, I'd rather have a programmable one so that i can switch between settings. And one last thing, does anyone have a solution for how to shift fast from first gear to second when i really gun it off the line? In normal driving it shifts fast enough from first to second. Just not fast enough when i'm racing! Thanks alot
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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