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wohhoo first of all. I had a 1.9TDI Audi80 (1994) estate and was looking at a few 2001 A6 quattros and came across the S6. I had to buy it after I saw it. What a car :)

well it failed motor testing for a bent brakeline, air in brakes (spongy pedal) and a rubber bushing in the back. I'll have to check which one it is, they told me they marked it.

I will be looking around for owners guide, (bentley?). maybe there's even one hidden somewhere in car.

Until then I'd appreciate if anyone could answer those (i'm utterly new to those):
- weren't all of them supposed to be with seat heating? haven't seen knobs for that anywhere, will have another look ..
- weren't all of them supposed to be cruise control (don't need that, was just wondering)

any owner can probably tell me this:
in the dash theres a few digital gauges. average speed, average consuption, bar (which I believe to be MAP), but what's that '[email protected]? g-force??? no idea

Well I'm off work now, can't wait to be driving that thing home again :)

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