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Hi there! :57:

My name is Paul. I just recently came across this site and thought I'd drop in to introduce myself.

My current Audi is a 2004 A4 1.8T. It has the Ultrasport package, 6spd, quattro, lighting package, premium package, and XM/Bose. It's Silver in color with Ebony leather interior and aluminum interior trim.

I bought this as a CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) in early January of this year. It had 28K miles on it. It's currently at the dealer for it's last free maintenance at 45K miles.

I've done a few modifications to it as well. The car came with 35% metalic tint all around. I've replaced the rear taillight assembly with Hella's red/clear housing (it's silver/clear along the side and top). I've also replaced the stock Xenon housings for S4 Bi-Xenon housings. Inside, I've put in the AMS short shifter and AWE's vent mounted turbo gauge.

Other mods I've done include Stoptech 332mm BBK, Stoptech stainless steel brake lines (front and rear), Carbotech Bobcat brake pads (front and rear), Motul RBF600 brake fluid (complete flush), H-Sport S4 anti-sway bar set (front and rear with rear set in "agressive" mode), APR cat-back exhaust, APR snub mount, APR Stage 1+ DPP program w/ 91, 93, and 100 octane programs, and APR 550cc injectors.

Finally, I also have a special setup from ECS - OEM RS4 clutch kit (clutch and pressure plate) and an aluminum lightweight flywheel. This last setup is a prototype setup as ECS is testing with my car before making any final adjustments before selling to the public. I live close to ECS, so I was able to stop over and have them try out new products on my car.

I've taken this car out on the track at Nelson Ledges and at Mid-Ohio. It's been a blast to drive.

Previously this car belonged to my Audi sales rep. I worked a deal to buy it from him after having problems with my first A4. My first Audi was a 2004 A4 3.0. It was one of the earliest ones built to introduce the B6 to the US market. It was built in August of 2001. I bought it in October of 2001. It was Dolphin Gray with Beige leather interior.

That A4 had nearly all options. It was a Tiptronic with quattro. It was a fun car too, but had too many problems (typical with early builds of a new model design). I had done some minor mods: H&R Sport springs and Bilstein shocks, Motul RBF600 brake fluid, Hawk HPS brake pads, 35% charcoal tint, and ECS OEM 2 piece floating slotted rotors.

Unfortunately for that car, it suffered to many problems. It had 2 ignition coils fail, 3 catalytic converters fail, headlight washer pump motor fail, wiper arm motor fail, HVAC blower motor fail twice, horn fail, rear brakes rebuilt, lots of little things, and, finally, the engine itself failed at 83,400 miles (only 3 years of ownership).

Fortunately, I had extended warranty coverage that took care of nearly all items. The engine was also covered, but was replaced by a used engine with no prior history. It wasn't rebuilt. It wasn't new. It was used. That convinced me to take my losses and try again with a newer model (as the newer models have not had the problems that mine did).

So that's my Audi history in a nutshell. Happy modding and driving to all! :D
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