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New to forum and my first year of daily 2006 A8L D3 Sport

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2006 Audi A8L D3 Sport after building a 2000 BMW 740i Sport then seeking more mod options.... Obviously, I chose the wrong car, assuming it'll be like A6 or S4....surprisingly, I couldn't be happier with the performance, smooth ride quality with air suspension, beautiful interior even today. I have had BMW's, MBZs and other nice cars but as my daily driver in 2022 in California!!! She still turns heads and I really don't see many A8's or S8's late model so it's cool. Car happen to be an enthusiast from Audiworld that's posted many A8L D3 vids. Itzoo A6 A8 Q5 is screen name. Year and a half with only maintenance costs and just a few unexpected stuff like speed sensor. I do have timing belt high on the list and cam shaft tensioners, coolant pipe if it hasn't been replaced. After purchase 135k, coils, plugs, filters, fluids, plus trans, VCDS and she's solid as hell, still pulls strong, 145k currently.


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