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Hey guys, im still on my learners however i'll getting my P's in a few months, im thinking about getting an a4 b5 , i live in Victoria so i can't touch the engine or have a turbo, i found a a4 b5 2.8l Quattro 30V, Dark Blue metallic, 127,000kms, Rego till september, with new tyres & timing belt & he's asking $7,000 for it, so i thought it would smart to put a deposit on it, I've heard however engine problems are headaches & costly with these cars so i decided to go get it checked out next week some time, i had a look at the car a few days ago & all electrical works & everything looks fine. However the car has a few lil scratches, & the leather looks quiet tired,

Does anyone how much it would possibly cost to get the leather replaced or possibly fixed?
& What your thoughts/opinions in the car?

Future modifications include:
- 19" A8 wheels
- Lowering (Super-lows or Ultra-lows)
- Remus cat-back exhaust
- Window tint
- Possible s4 front bumper
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