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Hello everyone, I have joined a short while ago and have enjoyed reading all of the posts.I felt it was time to post for myself, I recently purchased a 2005 A4-1.8T which I have wanted for a long time. I was already in VAG family with having many VW models (1998 Jetta glx, 1999 Passat wagon,2002 Jetta glx, 2003 passat wagon) so it was inevitable that I would buy an Audi(the wife). It is silver with black leather, an automatic 6speed tip with 17's on it , I also have a Phatbox in it which is awsome to have(I love music).Driving those past cars were great but the A4 is amazing to drive, you can relate.I also wanted some info on something, I remember reading somewhere that the Audi TT shift knob would fit on the A4, is this true ? I don't want to buy the shift knob if it doesn't fit. Thanks in advance for the help and look forward to getting to know all of you. Nick-1.8TEAMSTER............... :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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