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Hello All,

I've been the proud owner of a Nov '04 A3 3.2 V6 S Line for a bit now, and decided to join a forum as was a member of one with my old car, a VX220. Made up with the car, best decision I ever made. I think I like the "wolf in sheep's clothing" aspect the best - it looks like a normal A3 until its too late! RS6 wheels just make it, subtle S Line and Quattro badges classy. This is a mega quick car with unreal handling.

Had a run in with a truck on the motorway when a guy decided to pull out of his lane with his 32 ton beast straight into the side of me - but the Audi cares not. I drove away from that and I am convinced that riding in a lesser car would have mean't I wouldn't be writing this now.

Look forward to sharing pics etc on the forum.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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