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Hi, i just got my license last friday on my 16th birthday on the 7th and i just bought my 96 a4 off the dealers. i think yu guys will be impressed by the price.

1996 black audi a4 2.8L
Quattro, Pioneer CD Player XM ready
60k miles
perfect interior condition and exterior condition
clean title
nevre been crashed.

all that for 6000 xP :D

anyways yeah, i'm alreayd puttin money into the car like a B&M short thrower, and sylvania headlights. yu guys want to introduce me some good intakes that wont eat my pockets out? :p i know gruppe m and remus (exhaust) will but if yu guys can find a good price for me, then i'm all for it!! B)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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