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New Member, New Car, New Alloys

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Hello guys,

Just running in my new S3 (225) 51 model 17k F(Vag)SH - Everything seems fine, absolutely lovely car to drive been enjoying it so much. However,

I need up upgrade my 17" Standard alloys - What tyre size will I need to fit the RS6 19" alloys for best fit on my S3?

Has anyone fitted 19's and how did it effect the handling, accleration and drive of the car? Did it stop the car from grounding out on every tiny bump?

Advise would be great - thanks.

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has it been lowered and if so go for 35 0r 30 profile will have no problems then
Just to let you know 235/35/19 tyre is fine with no mods required
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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