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Hey Everybody!
I'm not really new to this forum, I've been lurking for a while.
I've just made up a name for myself..."NoNonsense" is what I use on most of the other forums, too. My real name is Joe. :57:
I thought I'd formally introduce myself with a pic of my car:

What you see in the picture is nothing really too special...a 1995 Audi 90 with some euro headlights, a moderate lowering, 5x112 hubs (converted from 4x108), Mille Miglia Cup 1 replicas, Euro A8 rotors and 996 calipers up front. Under the hood was the stock 2.8L 12v V6 engine without any modifications (other than the previous owner had decked the heads on a rebuild, so it had a little more grunt than it did from the factory).
At any rate, this car is now in bits all over my shop, all over my basement, and unfortunately all over my porch right now, too. The suspenions will be modified by some ground control sleeves and eibach coils. The brakes are getting upgraded with larger 993tt rotor rings and custom Aluminum hats. The rear brakes are getting larger vented TT/R32 rotors which need to be redrilled and Audi S4 rear calipers.
Now for the engine...hopefully you guys can appreciate this one. I've got a 2.0L ABA block going together with an AEB head. The block is at the machine shop right now, while my pistons are on order, and Pauter rods are sitting on my desk. This will reduce a lot of the weight in front of the front axle, so hopefully the handling will be greatly improved as well. I'm on the fence about which turbo to run. I want something that will spool up quickly and be good for daily driving, so I was thinking a GT28RS with a .64 a/r. I've got a few people telling me to get the GT3071R with a .64 a/r. I'll play that by ear. Injectors and turbo will be the last items I purchase.
Since the ABA block is transverse and I'm installing this to a Quattro drivetrain, it will be longitudinal. I have yet to get my hands on an AEB oil pan which bolts right up to the ABA and is necessary to clearn my front subframe.
Let me know what you guys think!
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