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2009 Audi TT 2.0L
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Hey, I'm new here. I got my Audi TT a few weeks ago and it has been great, I am over 10,000km in and haven't had any unexpected issues yet (just a few I knew to anticipate before buying the car). I figured I would start off strong with 2 questions in a single post, any help would be appreciated.

1- Does Audi have an online portal that I can use to obtain my car's build sheet easily? Previous to my TT, I owned a Dodge sedan, and dodge has an online portal that asks for the car's VIN and then spits out a PDF document with all the options and engine specifications, it made buying parts really easy.

2- I am trying to buy parts for my car but nearly every website chooses to categorize the parts differently (034 motorsports, integrated engineering, etc.) My car is a 2009 Audi TT with a 2L engine connected to a DSG transmission and Quattro, the sticker in my trunk where a spare tire should be says the engine code is CCTA. Is this a TFSI or a TSI engine? My plastic engine cover very clearly says TFSI, but certain sources online claim that CCTA is a TSI engine. Is this a EA888 engine or EA113 engine?

I apologize if these questions sound incompetent but I am trying to do my research before I dive head first into my first Euro build and I am trying a lot of conflicting reports.

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