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I am from maine, and with the advent of my licence, comes a 2000 A6 2.8 quattro through the hand-me-down tree. I would like advice or opinions on what I can do to make this car better, so this is the best that I can describe my car:

The best part.. the good
-It goes fast
-It starts reliably
-it is really good in the snow... something I can't seem to escape
-it has HEATED SEATS :wub:
-its comfortable, and sporty
-its a pretty good car overall.
the bad: :crying"
-was hit in the rear, but it got fixed
-transmission slips a bit.... (prev. driver put it in drive while he was still going backwards
-Every time it gets inspected, the CV boots go, and I don't like $1000 Not-even-at-a-stealership-shop bills
-the seat is about to fall out
-it has 120 k highway miles
-the auto sound shop butchered it when they 'installed' the AVIC-N2
-it scrubs.

some things I would like to hear experiences on
-Navigation system installs, a.k.a. what can I do about the relatively crappy sound quality compared to stock, and those two stupid wires crossing my trunk, just asking to be snipped
-Xenon retrofits
-Remote starters... how bad did it mess up the rest of the car?
-Performance modifications that won't get me arrested within 5 minutes :wink2:
-anything else that you did and just think was so awesome you just are dying to share
-how i can maintain it myself

I know this is a lot, but everything you say is appreciated... Thanks!!

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when was the last time u flushed the tranny fluids

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I have LLTEK xenon retrofit in my 4.2, they install easy and work great, the problem I hace encountered is the when they are on, the FM signal is diminished, they are the cats pajamas.except for the static, anyone else have this problem????
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